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Our mandate is to express and share our evolving vision of the world through art, in all its forms, and to encourage others to do the same. Apart from being an artist ourselves, we also aid fellow visual artists to develop and manage their own creative careers by offering them a supportive hand with research, consultations and coaching.

Assist artists

The information and opportunities the art world has to offer are bountiful. It typically consumes copious amounts of energy and time to peruse them, especially for those who do so without assistance.

We are determined to regularly and methodically keep a lookout for prospective venues and upcoming submission deadlines that best suit your aspirations. Allow us to attend to some of the clerkish work, so you can better focus your engaging verve elsewhere, without ever losing sight of your attainable ambitions.

Price – 100$ / month

Together, we will progressively assess where your art practice stands, how you would like to develop and improve it, and devise both efficient and effective ways to succeed in doing so. Sometimes two heads are better than one.

Price – 32$/h

*** 20$/h (if combined with monthly research)

Sometimes a fog sets in and you need someone to brainstorm with. For those sporadic moments when a little extra brainpower, a few new ideas, a couple of tricks of the trade could help you on your way, give us a holler!

Price – 32$/h

*** 20$/h (if combined with monthly research)

These services may include…

  • One-on-one meetings (in person, by phone or via Skype)
  • Assessment of your work, practice and needs
  • Fine-tuned lists of upcoming submissions of interest
  • Personalized tips, tricks, tools and information
  • Aid with improving artist and project statements, CV, and submission packages
  • Website analysis
  • Oodles of well-deserved encouragement!

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Our mixed media drawings often explore identity, but sometimes there’s really just for fun.

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We paint on canvas, on wood, on paper and we can paint on your walls!

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Gigi Retzo is a self-taught Montreal-based artist.

Although originally born in the same city she currently practices in, most of her life was spent abroad. Three continents, six countries, more than a dozen cities and over twenty-five moves after her birth, Gigi finally settled back into the first haven she was uprooted from.

Symptomatic of her innate curiosity about the inner workings of the world and its people, or as a direct consequence of coping with her lifelong volatile environment, she has always been attracted to philosophy and psychology. This led her to studying literature and linguistics in Stockholm, Sweden, which inadvertently introduced her to the likes of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Eric Bern, Dale Carnegie, Daniel Goleman, as well as numerous other great thinkers, both historical and contemporary, who helped shape her evolving reflections on psychotherapy, neurology, transactional analysis, and mental health, entre autres.

After obtaining a French BAC in Literature (2006) from the Lycée Français St-Louis, she pursued her thirst for knowledge about the human psyche through further reading, additional training and taking on a variety of assistant positions in several fields of work, including but not limited to hospitality, teaching, real estate, optometry, law, and the visual arts.

With an unusual and eclectic set of experiences, as well as an impressive ability to adjust and discern patterns around her, Gigi now uses painting, drawing and writing mediums to explore and illuminate that which defines, unites and divides us in this day and age.

Artist Statement

Gigi Retzo, a Montreal-based artist, moved around a lot throughout her childhood and early twenties. Born and raised in a world of chronic departures, in an age when the internet and social media were either inexistent or yet to become mainstream, and when cell phones were the size of toy trucks, goodbyes usually meant forever. Accepting short-lived relationships and taking on a chameleon-like skin in order to adapt rapidly to new cultural contexts was a way of life seemingly bereft of choices and freedom. Affective survival was imperative. And, the key to surviving was to develop the ability to discern patterns and adjust- observe, learn, evolve, repeat. An exhausting exercise that proved both detrimental and fruitful.

Consequently, along the way, Gigi underwent an ongoing exploration on what it meant to be an individual and a member of society. What influences us, be it family, education, religion, politics, taboos, mental illness. How we perceive ourselves and each other, through labels, stereotypes, and pre-conceived sets of conclusions. Why that came to be. As well, as wonder how to break away from the walls we’ve built around ourselves in a desperate attempt to feel safer; walls that ironically keep us apart and at risk of collapse.

Through her art, Gigi uses mixed media, including acrylic and watercolour paint, India ink, lead, wax, coloured crayons and markers, oil pastels, and wood, to paint or draw, or both, concepts and interrogations she has faced that feel representative of the struggles many of us undergo these days, regardless of where our roots lie: the meaning of identity, the external and internal factors that hinder our development or push us to reach out to our true potential, the fluctuations in our desires and values, the intangibility and fluidity of our emotional existence, our ability to alter even our most deeply rooted paradigms in light of new realizations and resounding truths.

With the help of words, repetitive motions and details, symbolism, abstract geometry, figurative elements intertwined with strokes of surrealism, as well as contrasting and bright colors, Gigi’s practice focuses on dualities and alludes to a long-lost innocence. It delves into contemporary debates about what is “I”, “You” and “Us” in an increasingly globalised world riddled with shallow connections, boundless information at our fingertips, stress and unsteady futures. Her artwork sheds light on psychological and philosophical dilemmas that envelop us and encourages people to question what defines them, to open their minds to differing plights and perspectives that surround them, and to become more pro-active about breaking down barriers that stifle progress.

Curriculum Vitae

Group Exhibitions


Festival des arts, 12th Edition, Maison culturelle et communautaire de Montréal-Nord, Montreal, QC

Salon du disque et des arts underground, 10th Edition, Under the Snow Festival, Montreal, QC

Expo Pop-Up, Art Cible | Atelier Galerie 2112, Montreal, QC



BAC in Literature, Lycée Français St-Louis, Stockholm, Sweden


Grade 9 & 10, Western High School, Fort-Lauderdale, FL, USA

Additional Training & Certificates


Ma fiscalité, je m’en occupe, RAAV, Montreal, QC


Miser sur son intelligence émotionnelle, Groupe MP-Plus, Montreal, QC


Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies: The First Step in Entrepreneurship (93%), Coursera | University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA

The Social Context of Mental Health and Illness (100%), Coursera | University of Toronto, Toronto, ON


Certificate of Proficiency in English: Council of Europe Level C2, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England

Professional Experience

2012 –present

Visual Artist Assistant & Consultant, Artzy Retzo, Montreal, QC


Paralegal, Manon Dion Avocate, Montreal, QC


Art Consultant & Administrative Assistant, Amaxis Inc., Montreal, QC


Secretary, St-Joseph Optometry Clinic, Montreal, QC


Administrative / Optometrist Assistant, The Rockland Eye Clinic, Montreal, QC


Assistant Governor, Hotel Lord Berri, Montreal, QC


Administrative Assistant, Coldwell Banker | Real Estate, Cabarete, Dominican Republic


English Teacher & Teacher’s Assistant, Torre Alta Montessori School, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic



Member, ELAN Quebec, Montreal, QC


Private collection, Quebec, QC

Private collection, Montreal, QC

Private collection, Windsor, ON


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Coming soon!