We must cultivate our garden.

– Candide, or the Optimiste, by Voltaire


Artzy Retzo is dedicated to assisting visual artists develop and manage their creative careers by offering them a helping hand with career planning, research, submissions, and self-presentation.


Angelica Osterlund

Founder, Administrative Guru

"When there's a will, there's a way !"

Angelica Osterlund, also known under the pseudonym of Gigi Retzo, was born in Montreal. Since birth, however, she has moved around the globe like a bohemian traveller. After living all over Canada, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Europe, she finally settled down in her birth city.

Her interests are limitless, but her main drive is her love of art, psychology and books. She studied literature and languages for a time, can speak English, French, and Spanish fluently, but is otherwise self-taught and devoted. Throughout her life, she acquired the necessary knowledge and experience to encourage those around her to make the best use of their passion.

Kevin Gagnon

Collaborator, Multimedia Mage

"Wooohooo ! A challenge !"

Kevin Gagnon was born in Montreal. Long-time adept of roleplaying games, he is no stranger to the human compulsion to tell stories and dream of monsters and magic. His true calling however consists of what he considers to be the closest magical mechanism the world has to offer: computer programming.

Devoted to learning, strikingly introspective and caring, he can spend hours telling you about the meaning of 42, the best way to 4-gates or why the cake is a lie. He otherwise has an appreciated goal-oriented attitude and boundless positivism. To him, there are only two possible reactions to any problem: "No trouble, I'm on it!" or "Wooohooo! A challenge!"